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Workplace wellbeing 

Your people are your best asset!

Like never before, wellbeing in the workplace is critical. During these unprecedented times, we've all come to appreciate the health impacts of our nutritional choices; the options you have at hand all have a direct effect on your mood, focus, motivation and performance.


With over 15 years in the food sector, I work with my clients to provide educational, yet practical guidance so their teams can make well informed decisions about nutrition and lifestyle habits.


Fully insured and compliant to GDPR regulation.

All packages are bespoke to your business needs and values.

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Nutrition Talks

We can work together to customise the right topic for your company.

Alternatively, you can pick from one of the crowd pleasers below

How the right nutrition can enhance mood and productivity.

Get your immune system ready for the winter season.

Healthy GUT = happy brain

Menopause in the workplace.

Why it’s important to end the stigma?

In-house Nutrition Support

Offer your employees valuable access to a professional without leaving the office.

 Weekly or monthly all day one-to-one pop up clinics (in person or remotely/by video conference).

Assisted group programmes & challenges such as (Immune Boost Camp, Bullet Proof your Christmas, Veganuary, Dry January, Menopause Week, Food for the Brain, and much more).

Staff can book one-to-one sessions and sign up for challenges directly with me.

A private area is required for one-to-one consultations.


Does your business need guidance to employ a catering company that suits your wellbeing and sustainability ethos?

With over 15 years of experience in wellbeing and sustainability working for the finest contract catering companies with the most prestigious contracts in the City of London.

From tenders to launching new sites, with an extensive knowhow of the entire process of implementing a healthy and sustainable food culture.

Schedule a call to discuss your requirements

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